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Dual Venturi Diy External Co2 Reactor

This co2 reactor costs about 20$ due to using Clear PVC housing, you can use solid 2" pipe if you wish.
  1. yusuf saraç

    yusuf saraç New Member

    Dec 26, 2017
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    1:50 PM
    I'm using it this way for a month now and this method works really really well compared to the the out of the box design
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  2. Cyano

    Cyano New Member

    Jul 21, 2018
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    2:50 AM
    I think I could benefit from a reactor like this... Right now I am injecting CO2 into my canister intake and I don't think it is very efficient.

    The thread is so old that many images have expired, and I don't yet understand how the reactor operates, all I know is I really like the idea of a HOB unit that does not require me to fiddle with my canister. If anyone can post pics or videos, I would appreciate it.
  3. Andrew T

    Andrew T Subscriber

    Jul 15, 2015
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    10:50 AM
    Resurrecting an old thread to ask one question.
    I have drilled the Venturi to the side, 2” from the top.
    Tubing and irrigation drip valve is connected .
    Should I let the valve slightly open to allow a drop of water a second to come out of the Venturi or should I just have it closed and release it at the end of the day for maximum performance from the reactor?
  4. Hanuman

    Hanuman New Member

    Jul 12, 2019
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    5:50 PM
    I though I would share the reactor I built based on Tom Barr's design with the venturi port. All is working wonderfully.
    Initial built:


    Additional purge ports with different depth added. if I had to redo it I would use the same tubbing size everywhere and use rigid tubbing. I just couldn't source it where I am. Tubbing below is smaller than the standard air tubing (~6mm).



    This is the DIY venturi port. Parts glued with epoxy. Try using an epoxy that is not too hard else it might crack when connecting your tubbing. Also don't forget to sand down anywhere the epoxy will contact the plastic to improve adhesion. I also shortened the small connecter and did a ~60 degrees angle for more efficiency. The hole should face away the current.




    Venturi port in action. Don't pay attention to all the bubbles in the reactor. That is only a lot of air due to the reactor not being fully purged at the time of the testing.

    Reactor in place. The unused purged ports were sealed by melting the plastic as I was having some leak. I will probably never need them for this tank but there they are just in case.


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