Dtpa Fe At 8.1 Ph

Harris Tiu

Mar 16, 2019
Happy Easter Everyone!

I plan on starting to use Micronutrient fertilizer mix and dosing schedule will be classic EI on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

My Tank Parameters are 8.1 PH, 4 KH and 4 GH.

My current issue is that i need to use a mix with a chelator that is reasonably stable with my PH. What I mean is that i just want my plants to get enough Iron and other micros. I can accept that my situation is less than ideal and I cant get 100% chelator stability at 8.1 PH.

Most common chelator I find as dry ferts is EDTA which is stable up to 6.5 PH, therefore I might use DTPA which is stable up to 7.5 PH as it is closer to my 8.1 PH.

My 8.1 PH after 2 hours of CO2 injection will drop to a constant 7.1 PH at lights on.

With these conditions, can I have healthy amounts of Iron with my tanks with regular dosing? or would i need to double or triple the dose?