Dsm And Lighting.

robert troup

New Member
Jan 7, 2018
Yonkers, NY
Hi everyone!

First I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to answer so many questions. Ive pretty much managed to have every question I ever needed answered lurking these forums. The amount of time everyone puts into helping others in a such a respectful and patient manor is truly incredible.

So Im in the process of setting up my second planted tank. I currently have a temporary ten gallon holding tank for the plants and live stock thats going to go into this tank. Im using my lighting on that ten gallon. Its a finnex planted+. My new tank is scaped and I want to start the DSM for the carpet. The carpet is going to be dwarf hair and monte carlo. SO here's my problem. I want to leave my finnex on the holding tank to help keep those plants healthy and growing but I don't want to buy new lighting for the DSM on the new tank. Can i use a house hold plant grow out bulb for the DSM? You know those red spectrum bulbs? Or anything else that can be used?

Any advice is highly appreciated!