DrTim's H2O Pure


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May 4, 2006
I came across this product H2O Pure which is supposed to provide fast(er) cycling by providing needed bacteria to a new tank.

I was just wondering if anyone here has used it. I know there's a lot of "snakeoil" out there. However I only want to know from those who have actually used it. I may experiment with it, but it is cheap and easy to ask here first! :)


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Jul 3, 2007
well you have to keep it refrigerated so that a good sign that its live nitrifying bacteria. glad to see a new product like this has hit the market since bio sipra has been taken off the shelfs

Matt F.

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May 30, 2009
I used this product while cycling my 10 gallon, and I still got BGA. My ammonia levels were not affected by this product, but I was using ADA Amazonia, which secretes NH3 for weeks.

I think this product is better than most on the market, but it is most likely more effective in non-planted tanks or when adding extra fish. Plants, as we know, have bacteria on them when we introduce them to our aquariums.

If Ammonia and Nitrite are present it is only a matter of time before nitrifying bacteria start to grow.

Robert H

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Feb 1, 2005
I know this is a really old thread... but Dr. Timothy Hovanec is no snake oil salesman. He is the Tom Barr of the world of bacteria! He is a research biologist and scientist, and actually studied bacteria, done research papers on bacteria, and discovered new species of bacteria and was responsible for naming these species. His research is well documented and he is a well recognized expert in his field, There is a podcast interview out there with him explaining the new species of bacteria he discovered and how they work in the aquarium. He is also a long time board member of the American Cichlid Association, and during the 1990s he wrote scientific articles for Aquarium Frontiers Magazine. He was Director of Research for Marineland for several years before starting his own business. Quite an interesting fellow.


The one product that I have used is turbostart by fritzyme. It must be refrigerated and it works like a charm. Jump start a tank in a week.

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