Driftwood Prep vs. Chem Contamination

** UncleEl **

Junior Poster
Apr 15, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Hello Forum-mates:

I'm in count-down mode in gathering equip, driftwood, substrate materials, etc. to set up my next tank.

I have two nice pieces of driftwood to prep for use. I know that I need to clean & presoak it in boiling water to kill bad organisms, release excess tannins, and waterlog it. Do I need to add declorinator chemicals to the water before soaking? I'm concerned about a bad chemical reaction due to the increased heat when using boiling water. I am a fanatic about chemical contamination. Am I being overly concerned?

Also, my plan is to have the tank up & running by June 21. How much time can you estimate that I'll need to properly soak & waterlog my driftwood?

Thanks in advance. Uncle El.