Dragon stone is Inert

Harris Tiu

Mar 16, 2019
Hey Fellas,

I have been intrigued by the hardscape materials from my LFS. What caught my eye recently was Dragon stone.
Dragon stone is made from hardened clay, it is red-brownish with pits on it, it is inert
Do not confuse Dragon stone with Seiryu stone, another popular stone in the hobby.
Seiryu stone is of limestone origin, it is a greyish color with calcite veins, it can affect water parameters.

However, there are times when misinformation is what we read from websites.
My question is, Dragon stone itself is inert right?

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Guru Class Expert
Aug 31, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hi @Harris Tui

Any stone that can be eroded by water such as the one in you picture is unlikely to be inert. Rain is typically slightly acidic due to the CO2 in our atmosphere. It will erode soft stones that contain calcium carbonate (limestone) which is alkaline. I suspect Ohko like Seiryu stone is limestone based and the reddish color comes from other minerals mixed in with the calcium carbonate such as iron. Weekly water changes may keep the effect on your wwater parameters in check. You can always purchase a small piece and test it. -Roy