Dosing Schedule Madness?


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Mar 8, 2005
Sebbersund, Denmark

Want to ask for a friend. He insists on calculating everything in grams etc, instead of tsp measurement. Anyway, here's his schedule so far:

KNo3 KH2Po4 TMG K2So4 MgSO4 Iron Chelate 9%
M 15 ml. 2.78 g.
tU 9.78 g. 0.86 g. 8.36 g. 3.56 g,
W 15 ml. 2.78 g.
T 9.78 g. 0.86 g. 8.36 g. 3.56 g,
F 15 ml. 2.78 g.
S 9.78 g. 0.86 g. 8.36 g. 3.56 g,
S WaterChange

Tank is approx. 80G
Lighting i cannot remember.. about 160W i think.
Co2 is pressurized.... at least that's the plan.

I cannot say if this schedule is fair or not, but it seems to be way to much, but the i dont know how much 1g. of Kno3 is in tsp...

hope this isn't too confusing... ask away, and i shall try to answer...


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Jan 24, 2005
Re: Dosing Schedule Madness?

Symbiot said:
Want to ask for a friend...

Hey! I thought this was a prestige group! If we start sharing this information with our "friends", pretty soon everyone will be able to grow plants, and the petstores won't have the volume they need to sustain plant sales so they'll stop stocking them, then the wholesale companies will stop stocking them, and next thing you know when we find we really NEED duckweed we'll have to pay $99.00 for a special order of the stuff.

I might be a little paranoid.. but I think we should keep this stuff secret. Besides.. right now people think I'm really clever.. if they figure out how easy it is, well.. they'll go back to thinking what they used to.