dosing dry fertilizer


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Jan 6, 2006
in the non CO2 methode,it's said:

While trace mixes can be added, I decided to use SeaChem Equlibrium instead.
It has Fe and Mn as well as Ca/K/Mg/SO4.
I will add about 1/4 teaspoon per 20 gal tank once every week or two.
This greatly enhances the growth of the plants.
I also will add about 1/8" and 1/32" teaspoon of KNO3 and KH2PO4 respectively once a week or two.

Do I understain that you add try fertilizer direcly to the tank? I usualy make a solution that I add to the tank but if you tell me that it work as well when you add it dry direcly to the tank, I go the easy way.

also, how mutch (in g.) would be 1/8" and 1/32" teaspoon?