diy python


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Apr 29, 2006
Wakefield, NH
I bought a python and love it. I did have a problem where I accidently broke the cheap plastic valve that came with it (made a big mess). Anyway I replaced the valve with a cheap brass garden hose valve purchased at the local hardware store for a couple dollars. Now it's even better than it was new, much more rugged..

I think Home Depot also sells the clear tubing and the end fittings to put on it. I like the clear tubing more than the ordinary garden hose because I can see the water in the hose. I can tell if it's flowing and in which direction at a glance and if I drained all the water out of it before putting it away.

I would imagine the clear tubing costs more than the garden hose, but still might be worth looking into.


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Jan 25, 2007
I broke down and bought a Python this year and have to say it has made things much more enjoyable. Water changes are like ringing a bell now, I don't think twice.

I have noticed prices can vary greatly from LFS-LFS. Check the Petsmart webpage for what I have found is a reasonable cost online.