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DIY LED, 5630 SMD strips.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by rickwrench, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. rickwrench

    rickwrench Junior Poster

    May 18, 2009
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    10:54 AM
    I haven't posted in years, but this project turned out well enough to mention.


    Two 5m rolls of waterproof "warm white" 5630 SMD LED strips. $11.00 each

    Couple feet of CAT 5 cable. Free.

    Bag of junk store DC wallwarts, 500ma to 2 amps. $1.00 each

    Aluminum sheet scrap (.052" 3003 or 5052, can't remember). Free

    First try was a retro fit of a 5 gallon Pemco SS tank.

    54 total LEDs 12v @ 1.5 amp (so, 18w). %630s are supposed to handle .4 -.5 watts each, producing 45 lumens per LED. The specs are all over the board though, depending on what knockoff version you end up getting. Heat kills LEDs, so I chose to drive them at .33 watts per chip.

    How much light? Most 5630s are rated at about 100 lumens per watt. Insert grain of salt here. I don't have a PAR meter.

    Construction was straight forward. Clean aluminum mounting sheet with acetone, peel of sticky back tape, stick LED strips to aluminum. Solder power feed to appropriate pos/neg tabs. I fed power in from both sides of each strip (which I'd read helps).

    Then I epoxied the whole assembly into a vintage metaframe style SS hood.

    Total cost of materials actually used- about $6.00.

    It's been running about a year now.

    Interesting observations of these leds vs a 32w CFL: The LEDs don't burn up water lettuce or other plants growing above the surface like the CFL does.

    Pic of hood assembly tilted up:

    This worked out so well I lighted a small 5 gallon custom copper hex tank the same way. Except I used 84 chips and a 2 amp power supply. I need to trim back the vals about once a week in this one. Otherwise the Marsilea gets leggy.

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