DIY diatom filter


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Sep 6, 2008
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I have a magnum hot shot filter. I was thinking of adding DE to the micron filter. I'm just not sure how to do this. Would I run the filter say in the sink with a bowl of DE to prime it? How do I know when there is enough DE coating? Could I then take it to the tank and run it for a few hours? I am guessing that adding DE would improve the micron filter but am not sure it's worth it. I know I will have to remove the filter from the tank before I turn it off. I don't want back flush of DE.

On the other hand would it be worth to just buy a silicate/ Phosphate remover an it to the canister?

The reason I am doing this is I have a ton of brown algae. My oto can't keep up. I must have done a mini cycle. It is acting just like a new tank. My phosphates are off the scale but not from the tap. I have given it a week with the over dose of excel. It is a bit better.

I know I could wait the time for my tank and new plants to adjust but It's two weeks since this started. I am impatient.


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Sep 23, 2007
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You may want to grab the instructions (on the Web if possible) for the Vortex Diatom filter which uses DE and must be primed....

I would not bother with it (except to experiment) and try the following.

1. Do 2 or 3 50-75% WC for 2 or 3 weeks if possible.
2. Increase your c02 and ferts a bit to ensure optimal levels.
3. Cover the sides of the tank if any get any indirect light from a window or door. One of my sides was next to a window and sunlight got in there at various times of the day. Not much, but I think it was a factor......

I had these brown diatoms in my 180 for weeks. Patience and the above regimen eliminated it, and I have not seen it since. I would say not in the last 5-6 weeks, and it was a major PITA before lol

I am now back to weekly WC with EI and c02 and have not seen it since.


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Jun 8, 2007
You have only one oto in a 45g tank? I usually stick with one or two per 10 gallons.