Div Chiller For 540l Fish Tank


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Mar 18, 2019
Hello [email protected]
Im wondering if anyone did try or have it expericne to do that.
I know The KING of DIV offer somenthing what should work but i could find more information.
Im from UK and this summer was especially hot and my temperature in tank reach 31 degrees.
Now constantly the temperature is 27 degress.Im not very happy with it.
Thats im thinking to making DIV chiller to use Table fridge or table chiller.
DOnt know wchich one will be better.
The plan its to put inside the fridge 10m long cooper hose or pvc hose to cooler the water and the same time to use thermostat to actualy control the temerature..I want to get temperature 23 degrees max.
The problem is i dont know wchich one will be better to use the fridge or freezer.
Another things is how strong filtr i have to use actualy put the water 10m long pipe and after to the tank.
I was thinking to use external pump problem is i dont know how strong and if the not will be too noise.
Any adea or advice please welcome!
thank you [email protected]