diatom algae


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Jun 19, 2008
I have a problem of algae in my tank , i heard it would be diatoms (not sure of the spelling) it look like brown algae that goes on my leaves of my plants and everywhere else in my tank , I can take it off easily ....

could someone tell me what would be the best treatment for that, I tried Protalon and erythromycin, but nothing seems to work.

right now, I'm trying to treat with HADASNAIL to get rid of them....

I need some advices please....:(


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida

Yes they are diatoms...........

Here is a link to common algae and treatments.........

Aquarium Algae ID (updated)

These are usually present in newly setup tanks, or where the bacterial bed has been disturbed, say a substrate replacement.

Is your tank still cycling?

Please also provide some details around filtration, lighting, substrate, etc.

Are you using c02 at all? do you want to?

I know you have a 220.

Here also is a link that speaks to using dry fertilizers as Vaughn mentioned in your other post. Method is called EI..


Hope this helps.