Deficient Rotala Wallichii


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Sep 27, 2020
Hello all, not sure what my rotala wallichii is deficient of or what is causing it to look like this, as I seem to have all bases (pH maybe not) covered.

KH: 4dKH

GH: 6dGH

PH: 7.2 (I think wallichii likes relatively acidic water but let me know)

Nitrates: 20ppm

Phosphates: 0.5 to 1ppm, hard to say.

Temperature: 72F

Light: sbreef 165w 18" Freshwater LED, shooting over 100 PAR on the rotala

Co2: Yes

Iron: 0.2ppm

Algae: seemingly none but some staghorn

I do a 50% water change each week with 25% dechlorinated tap and 75% 0TDS RODI due to the hard nature of my water here. I dose KNO3 as needed, same with Fe. I dose 4 pumps of Nilocg thrive+ every week, split up. 2 after my water change and 2 in the middle of the week.

What could be the issue here? Thanks.


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May 24, 2020
Could be too much light. 100 PAR is pretty high lighting so if CO2 or fertilizer is out of balance it could cause some stunting or deficiency etc. I've seen a lot of people say with stunting it's related to CO2 not high enough. I had some issues with Wallichii for a bit and after cranking CO2 I was still stunting. I was dosing Nilocg Thrive. I started supplementing with Seachem Iron on my non macro days and my Wallichii has been better ever since. I think I had too much light so my plants needed more ferts and CO2.

It seems like everything else is fine, that's why I think maybe trying to back off on lights a bit and bumping up or fine tuning your CO2 would be the first step I'd take. Good luck!