Dave's 270 Litre Cube


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Oct 21, 2018
Portsmouth, UK
Couple of pics of my Eheim 270 litre cube tank before / after pruning the Nymphae Lotus. I usually cut this back about once a fortnight to about 1/3 of the tanks surface. The fish like the shading.
Lighting consists of a AI Hydra 26 HD purchased around 6 months ago which is primarily designed for Marine use but can be used for Planted aquaria.
Prior to this I was using the Arcadia Classica OTL LED luminaire.
For ferts I use Profito 7.5 ml, Carbo Elixier Bio 10 ml, Ferro 2.5 ml,Kalium Pottasium 2.5 ml and Fosfo 2.5 ml on a daily basis . I also use
CO2 injection is via a JBL inline diffuser.
The substrate consists of a layer of Tetraplant complete (2 cm) topped by a layer of JBL Manado (2-5 cm).
Water changes are done on a daily basis using 50/50 tap/RO mix (20 litres). The water here is very hard and Nitrate is about 40 ppm, so I dilute it.
The tank has been running about 3 years.
Planting consists of Crypts, Pigmy chain swords, Java Fern and the Nymphae Lotus.


Before Pruning


After Pruning
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