darn hair algae


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Aug 2, 2005
Alright, I did it on purpose now I`m kicking myself in the butt. My crypts were getting it pretty bad so uprooted, trimmed all the leaves that had even a bit. Yanked most of the java moss, trimmed whatever stem plants had even a bit. Everything I could see was gone. I come home yesterday and the stinking algae has overtaken all the java moss, my crypts are starting again, and the bacopa is covered! The anubias and polysperma are fine, so are the java ferns. One day after I trim it`s that rampant again?

I`m gonna move my bacopa to my emmersewd setup, the crypts are gonna get a good hacking, and the java moss is as good as gone. 6 amano shrimp are going in and more if I can find them. I`m also gonna add a bunch more stem plants until I get it under control then I`ll start picking them out.

Anything else I should be doing?

all params are good. co2 and 3wpg.