Crypt Parva - Finally the low CO2 carpet


Junior Poster
Jan 27, 2015
After a long time, and trying everything under the sun.... I finally found a good "carpet style" plant for a non-Co2 low light tank.

Cryptocorne Parva has been awesome. It didn't melt and 6 months later still going strong. Some of it which is directly in the light (probably 35 par or so) is flat, some that is growing in shade is a bit taller...

Granted, it's not the perfect carpet like baby tears of stuff that needs CO2, however, failure after failure, this seems to be my answer. I wanted to share that with any of the non-CO2 guys since I often see finding a low light carpet is in high demand.

For the record, I've tried hairgrass, four leaf clover and the other marsilea's, mosses etc... (I do get X-mas moss, and java moss to grow just not more than like 10 inches down.)

I've included a picture. My daughter decided to add the colored rocks when I wasn't looking (grrrrr).... but if your looking for a low light carpet with a low tech setup... Try Crypt parva!