For Sale: Crinum, Buce, Anubias And Others


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Mar 19, 2019
Wash D.C
Please be aware of your weather.
If you are local to the Washington DC metro you are welcome to pickup.

Have the following plants
Crinum - Mature - About 15-20 leaves. Had it for few years. It's huge. Redoing scape and no longer fits in the new scape. - Sold

Eriocaulon Vietnam - $5/plant - 8 available.
Eriocaulon Malayatoor - $5/plant - 6 available.

Buce (Bucephalandra) on rock - $7/plant - 8-10 leaves/plant - 3 available
Small plant with Green and violet leaves.
Foreground plant. - Sold

Anubias Barteri - $5/rizome - Will have at least 5 leaves. Have 3-4 portions
Can do bigger rizome too for extra. Just ask.

Java fern - $5/ 3" rizome.
Can do bigger rizome too for extra. Just ask.

Bolbitis (Creeping fern) - $8/plant

Red Tiger Lotus - $6

HC (Baby tears) - $5 2"X2"
S Repens - $1/stem

Crypt Wendeti - $4/plant - Have several

Ludwigia repens - 50c/stem have about 10

Rotola - 50c/stem - 15 available

Have snails in my tank.
No algae. Very healthy plants.

Shipping is $8-$10. Depends on what you buy.
Will take paypal.
Not new to the hobby, am just new here. Can check my seller rating on PT.
Let me know if you have questions.

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Tank 02112020-1.JPG

Tank 02112020-2.JPG

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