CPD breeding


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Nov 21, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
CPD (Celestial Pearl Danio) = Galaxy rasbora

About a month ago, I set up an outdoor "pond." It's simply a 55G plastic drum cut in half -- I cut it horizontally, it's like a big cup. I have water lettuce and hyacinths floating on the surface and anacharis simply floating around. I put a heater thru my window into the pond and run a sponge filter at night.

Next I started putting spawning mops into my CPD tank -- I alternate acrylic yarn spawning mops in clay pots with a moss covered rock. Both of these are rather effective at attracting egg-laying CPDs. After a week or so in the CPD tank, I remove the spawning mop and put it in a 10G tank. Once the fry are free swimming, I put them in the pond.

I put 12 newly hatched fry into the pond probably a month ago. The last few days, I saw a few fish in there over 1", so I thought that I should grab them and put them into a new 29G tank that I set up. When I took out all of the plants, there were at least 24 fish in it -- 6 or so were very small fry. So, my fry had already grown up and had babies of their own! This whole pond thing is great for raising fry because you have to do very little feeding. I did start putting BBS and some dry food into it recently because I noticed there were no longer very many little edible critters swimming around. With 24 fish swimming around in there, I can understand why.

What's really interesting is the different behavior of the pond-raised CPDs. I put them into the 29G tank, and they immediately started hunting -- searching all of the plants for food. I'm sure they will outgrow this, once they find out there isn't much in a fish tank. My regular CPDs never do this. The other thing is that the new CPDs are not shy at all. It's like I don't even exist when I walk up to the tank. My wild-caught CPDs hide often. Again, these pond-raised CPDs may outgrow this phase too, and start hiding.

The other thing is that the coloring is different. If I had to compare these to another fish, I would point to Lemon Tetras. The CPDs from the pond are simply golden. I'm guessing that is just an age thing, and they will color up over time. It may also have something to do with lack of sunlight as my surface plants block most of it.

I have a few large wild-caught CPDs, but many of the pond-raised ones are already larger than many of my wild-caught ones.

This was an interesting experience for me.