Couple Of Plants Stunting


New Member
Oct 28, 2020
vancouver wa
Brand new to the forum and hoping to gain some knowledge regarding my tank and the plants I am having a bit of time with. Have NESAEA PEDICELLATA GOLDEN and ALTERNANTHERA ROSANERVIG both of which are providing stunted tips. Interestingly both are in a good spot for the CO2 and receive a direct mist. The rest of the foliage seem ok. I still assume this is CO2 related as I am dosing 2 ML of Easy Green daily along with a supplemental root tabs (could this be too much?). Happy to provide any additional details if folks can advise. Lights are running 8am 6pm daily on Fluval 3.0... In a 27 gallon tank and top off at 70% strength from 9am-4pm. I have reasonable flow in the tank. Thanks guys! Really excited to hear from the community.