Coral sand or Seachem Meridian as source of Calcium


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Sep 24, 2005
I live in Melbourne, Australia
Hi all

I am currently having water problems with my CRS breeding system.

The system is- 6 tanks, 5 currently running, that are 120x45x45cm in size each, 1 tank is the sump. Each tank had ADA aqua soil amazonia as a substrate. The total water volume is approx 1215 Litres

My water source is Rainwater, due to their being no mains tap water in the mountains where i live:) The parameters from the tap are P.H 6.5, K.H-0 and G.H-0. This is great for my plants considering high CO levels in the rainwater:)

While i am confident adding G.H booster, K.H buffer etc to manage G.H and K.H it has not helped with the breeding of the CRS.

I am wondering if it is the Calcium levels or lack of.

So, i have a large amount of Coral sand and also Seachem Meridian sand lying around from when i kept Cichlids before plants.
Would making up some small stockings and placing them in the sump help with the calcium issue or even a pot full? How much should i add at a time?

Sounds silly, but I'm really at a loss and would like to continue breeding my shrimp:confused:

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.