Cool tank design idea and it's for sale

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
additional info:
The tank is made of 3/4" acrylic so it won't bow.
The tank is rimless on the top to allow water to cascade down the sides.

I custom made this tank after seeing another one like it in action. It is a 30"x30"x14" custom cube waterfall tank. The water flows over the top and down the side of the tank. You can see in the pictures that the waterfall doesn't distort viewing of the tank. The water flows over the top, down the sides, and into a reservoir (like a moat) at the bottom of the tank and down into the sump. The bottom piece is 36"x36". Very unique. There are 3 1" drains in the back of the tank and 1 3/4" return in the middle of the tank.

The following is included in the price $1000 obo:

Custom cube waterfall tank
Custom stand
All plumbing
Mag7 return pump
Berlin TurboFloater protein skimmer and pump
Seio 1100 Powerhead
30 gallon sump
Refugium plants and lights
EBO Jager aquarium heater
Some live rock
Leftover Oceanic Salt mix
250watt HQI bulb
Reef Optix III HQI pendant
250watt ICECAP ballast