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Comparing CO2 methods for measuring flow and ppm

Discussion in 'CO2 Enrichment' started by Tom Barr, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Tom Barr

    Tom Barr Founder
    Staff Member Administrator

    Jan 23, 2005
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    4:00 AM
    I recently got to measure the flow rate using the inverted measuring flask method and then compared that rate to my own tanks as well as a client's.
    The predicted value for my tanks rate per gallon was exactly the same as the rate I set for for the client's.
    Furthermore, the Mass flow controller's rate was also exact, in this case 14 mls per second(roughly 1.000+ on the flow reading measure). Very large tank though.
    This can be correlated to a pH/KH/CO2 chart since the tank water is 100% RO with baking soda.

    What I am not certain of is if the relationship is linear. Eg: would the Mass flow controller readings of 0.250 equate to a 0.25 * the original CO2 ppm?
    It would seem like it. I have not yet had a chance to verify it.

    The end goal here is to know the size of the tank, and be able to use other reference tanks to determine a good flow rate of CO2 (something anyone can measure with a flask or measuring cup inverted in the aquarium water).
    If they use a wet/dry and over flow type of filtration and what not, the degassing rates should be roughly similar/decent flow etc. So the tanks should be fairly close.
    Now the 4th thing would be to use dry ice in a sealed 4 KH reference solution to make a reference 50 ppm CO2 solution standard.
    Then I could verify each method. Ideally, they would all match if the user's methods are done well.

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