Compact Florescent Question


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Sep 21, 2007
I have an 80 gal fish and planted tank.
I have been telling ya'll that I have 6X55 watts of CF, which I was equating to 330 watts.
Or is it?
If I put these end to end like a T5 making 3 solid runs or bulbs would this not make 165 watts 3x55?
55 watts each run or bulb length. W/ AH supply ref.
I am sure this has been discussed and I did do a search for compact lighting and am sorry but I need your help Batman.

Yes I am from Texas! Ya'll

What is my true watt?
Is it enough?
High plant mass, Pressurized Co2, lighting about 4 inches above the tank. 400 gps flow.
ADA stuff.
I am thinking about buying 3X55 watts T5, what do you think?

Thank You
Mike Bro


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Jan 24, 2005
Sacramento, CA
T5 is the latest and greatest lighting method. But, that doesn't mean that T12 bulbs no longer provide adequate light. The advantage T5 bulbs have is that their small diameter allows you to use a reflector for each bulb, and capture most of the light the bulb emits. That makes the T5 fixture more efficient than a T12, T8, or CF (bent T5) fixture. For an 80 gallon tank, I would try for about 150-200 watts of T8, T12 or CF bulbs. But for T5 bulbs I would limit the light to about 150 watts maximum. If you have 6-55 watt CF bulbs, you have 330 watts, but a less efficient fixture than a comparable T5 fixture would be. I assume the fixtures you have do have good reflectors. If you removed half of the bulbs from those fixtures, you would have 165 watts, which should be about right. A new T5 fixture would give you more light, but you don't really need more light, and you could get it if you wanted it by plugging in another 55 watt bulb.