CO2 regulator pressure behaviour


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Jan 5, 2009
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Mar 5, 2009
GillesF;60124 said:
I'm sorry to bump this old thread but I'm also looking for a dual stage (I'm from Belgium). I've found a company that can deliver the "Vulkan F10" at a reasonable price (10€ extra) but will it work?

@Jonny_ftm: where did you get your 2 stage regulator?

Sorry, never saw your post before today...

If you still need info, I got mine at a general gas company: PanGas. They have professional built quality regs and I also rent my CO2 canisters from them at 1/10 the price of a dennerle canister!!

This is by far by best investment in a tank. I use 13 Kg CO2 canisters, and I can now use the last grams of my canister without having to adjust pressure. The working pressure is rock stable while canister gets empty and its pressure drops, incredible.

Also get a reg with adjustable pressure, not a fixed one, this is important so you can use some inline diffusers

Also, they come without a needle valve. I bought an Ideal Valve that's also making an amazing job with bubble count