CO2 Mist with Sedra 3500


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Aug 11, 2006
I decided to get on the needle wheel bandwagon. I've added a Sedra 3500 inline with my Fluval 404 on my 75 gallon. The Sedra has 1 inch fittings so I had to use a couple of reducers to fit the 5/8 inch tubing of the Fluval so please forgive all of my hose clamps. I used an AquaMedic reducing T with an airline fitting to get the CO2 into the pump and added a ball valve to control flow. This also increases the dwell time of the CO2 with the impeller hopefully resulting in a a finer mist.

I used an ADA pollen glass on a 55 before changing over to a reactor on my 75. The mist from the Sedra is finer and much more plentiful than that from the pollen glass. One of my concerns was the amount of noise it would make but it's actually surprisingly quiet. The tank is in the living room and with the cabinet closed and the usual household sounds it's no more noticeable than a gurgling reactor. I had read a post of Mrkookm's that he had trouble with a Sedra 9000 leaking so I was a bit concerned about that too but so far so good.

Anyway, I'm not very good at writing up stuff like this but I welcome all questions and comments.