CO2 Mist and water current


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Jan 12, 2006
so far your help has been tremendous. Two more questions:

1) What exactly is CO2 misting?

2) I have a strong powerhead that creates quite a current but does not break the surface. I thought this, along with the return from my Rena filter was too much movement, so I stopped it. What type of water movement are we looking for? And will surface tension be maintained if the water surface "shudders" but there is no true break?

Thanks to all!


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Jan 24, 2005
Re: CO2 Mist and water current

I can't speak much about the surface tension, except for the fact that the more turbulance at the surface, the faster you lose CO2.

This isn't as important with misting, as the point of misting is to get tiny bubbles to brush against the leaves of the plants before they reach the surface of the water.

Sufficient and directional current is required to get the mist to move around the tank and hit all the plants, and the mist is made by using fine pore diffusers.

More details can be found in the October Issue of the Barr Report.