Co2 issue?


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May 5, 2005
I recently tested my tanks P levels (I follow EI) and I found that I had a value somewhere close to 10ppm. However I still get some GSA on my anubias leaves and glass. Granted it has gotten a bit better over time, but never completely go away. I also have minute amounts of BBA. Very minute and it doesnt really spread. I used to add 2ppm of P 4 x a week ( a gross excess) but have stopped adding them while performing my regular water changes to get hte levels down. I will dose a bit more like 2ppm weekly. Howver my question is, is this a co2 issue?? I keep my co2 levels over 30ppm at all times but thought maybe as a result of variations in my ph and kh tests it could be dipping below that and cause the GSA. any thoughts??

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Re: Co2 issue?

Add more CO2 slowly.

BBA and GSA both scream low CO2.
PO4 is high, you surely don't need that much, reduce dosing to 2-3ppm per week and do the weekly water changes etc(It'll never exceed 4ppm then).

Tom Barr