CO2-friendly wet/dry filter?


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Dec 28, 2007
Hi folks. I am looking for a wet/dry filter for my 60gallon. A couple of clear acrylic units I've seen on ebay (about 20"x7"x17") are perfect size for under my stand, but they appear to be topless. My concern is that in the biochamber, the trickling will vent off CO2.

Are there any retail units that have the biochamber sealed? Does such a thing exist when the biomedia should be well oxygenated?


Plant Guru Team
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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida

Your concerns are valid re c02 loss.

The consensus here is to cover the open areas with duct tape or similar to help.

Plenty of o2 will still get into the filter, so no adverse affect on your bacteria.

I have done this for over 3 months now with no issues......and others for years with no problems.

Bigger concern is from the overflow itself, based on what type you have. If the water falls more than 1-2", you start to lose more c02.

Search on this site for stuff I have posted, as I went through a lot of these issues due to my setup. Folks were very helpful and my tank is much healthier for it.

Here are two that may help.