CO2 Consumption with misters


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Jun 17, 2006
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I'm pretty confused (again).

I have a 180G tank and I have had, as you might expect, problems getting enough CO2 into the tank.

I decided to try the misters... so I bought three of the Rhinox 2" diameter misters (these are big). I also invested in some nice needle valves to distribute the gas.

In order to get any bubbles out, I had to crank the pressure up pretty high. The stones are so dense that the pressure has to be high. I tried to blow through the intake and it was a lot harder than say manually blowing up skinny balloons.

So anyway, I get a lot of bubbles in the tank. LOTS of bubbles. Not a lot of growth mind you. But lots of bubbles. The entire top of the tank is even covered in 'em. Well, except where I have some small pumps creating some turbulance to help with gas exchange. The fish are fine. No signs of stress. I even have happy otos.

The problem is that I'm going through CO2 like mad. I have checked the system for leaks (using soap bubbles)... but I don't see any.

Does the mister method use a lot more CO2 than the reactor method? Seems like it must. How many pounds of pressurized CO2 would you expect to use on a 180G say per month?

Thanks! - Chris


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May 4, 2006
Thank you! I thought *I* was crazy!

I'm using one of the Rhinox misters (forget the model) on a 20 long, and I'm using up a 5lb CO2 canister every 1-2 weeks, depending upon how many bubbles per second I'm using as I experiment. Regardless, it seems to go through quickly! Luckily I have a contact that I can refill at $6, but still, it's a lot more than I thought I would.

I am using one of the Rex Grigg setups with a low-pressure regulator and needle valve. I found I had to tape over the LPR's vent to prevent the gas escaping there. Only recently did I reson that that was where a lot of the gas was escaping.

Also, those Rhinox (or similar) diffusers do not work with DIY CO2 setups, they cannot generate enough pressure.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Generally we used about 20lb tank every 1-2 years using misters for a 150-200 gallon tank.

Leaks etc sound like an issue.

Tom Barr

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Dec 12, 2010
CO2 Consumption

I know this thread is old....I just got back into aquariums again as the boys all wanted their own tanks....

Based on my calcs:
Assume the CO2 bubble is 1mm^3
Assume the actual pressure of the bubble is 14.7 psia
1 bubble per second is 0.343 lb/day
If the it takes 0.5 psi to get through the diffuser, then the bubble is 15.2 psia
1 bubble per second is 0.356 lb/day
For a 20 lb tank to last a year you have to flow 1 bubble every 6.5 seconds
( I did this math cause I burned through a 20 lb cyl in a month...I was flowing a bubble a sec in two tanks and figured I had a leak...couldn't find one so I did the math...2 bubbles a sec should last a month...going to see if I can slow it down some)


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Oct 26, 2007
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Hi Zeppelin,

Not quite sure what you are asking above (if in fact you are asking anything at all?) :)

I assume you are building a needle wheel for one of your aquariums and are wondering how long your 20lb bottle should last you?