CO2 boundary layer references

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Jan 23, 2005
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The interaction of CO2 concentration and spatial location on O2 flux and mass transport in the freshwater macrophytes Vallisneria spiralis and V. americana -- Nishihara and Ackerman 210 (3): 522 -- Journal of Experimental Biology

ScienceDirect - Aquatic Botany : Effects of inorganic carbon source on photosynthetic rates of Egeria najas Planchon and Egeria densa Planchon (Hydrocharitaceae)

This one is on a weed I've seen and studied some:
ScienceDirect - Aquatic Botany : Morphological adaptations and photosynthetic rates of amphibious Veronica anagallis-aquatica L. (Scrophulariaceae) under different flow regimes

Suggest that the submersed leaves are more like shade adapted leaves on a typical plant, so aquatic plants are generally low light plants.
Something many aquarist already knew, but this offers some support to this.

Here's a study that did not look at similar water column nutrients and led them to conclude that there's a preference to root uptake vs water column:
SpringerLink - Journal Article

Not sure about the rest, but nothing in the abstract suggested they did anything with water column fertilizers, just CO2 flowing water etc.

And that Ole guy is up to no good after coming here a couple of years ago:

IngentaConnect Underwater photosynthesis and respiration in leaves of submerged ...


Seems gas flims might have something to them.

CO2 mist critics can start to worry.

CSIRO PUBLISHING - Functional Plant Biology

Some issues with flow and boundary layers results:
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