CO2 and Mazzeı


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Jan 24, 2005
I'm settıng up a 180, someday, I hope. Been kıckıng around the pros and cons of CO2 systems to use, and the mazzeı system has aroused my curıosıty. It sounds lıke a great way to atomıze the CO2 ın the aquarıum.
I have a double drıllled glass bottom, wıth 2 3/8'' dıameter holes. The bottom ıs tempered. I'm thınkıng about puttıng 2 addıtıonal holes ın, low, on the rear glass.
I have 2 pumps, Supreme Mag 900 and 1200. There are 2 OC fılters, a 318 and 340, wıth a Pentaır AF-92-19 heater module.
I was wonderıng what mazzeı ınjector would be best to use wıth eıther of these pumps provıdıng the pressure? I was thınkıng of possıbly usıng 2 loops, wıth the addıtıonal holes beıng utılızed for that purpose-separate pumps wıth theır own supply and return. One loop would drıve a fılter and CO2, the other loop a fılter and heater. Or would one pump and one paır of holes be adequate enough to accomplısh the job?
In conjunctıon wıth thıs questıon, Tom has mentıoned usıng a wet/dry system wıth CO2, and sealıng the sump to prevent CO2 from escapıng. How, usıng an old aquarıum, can you seal the tank, but stıll allow access for cleanıng the fılter medıa, etc?
Mıght add, Tom's 180 rımless ıs gorgeous! Low pıckup/dıscharge looks great! Hope to duplıcate, or sımılar, anyway.
Thx ın advance.
Walter:D :D


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Sep 21, 2005
Sorry,I have no advice-not knowledgable enough.Just wanted to say that you're really doing your homework and your tank [of the future] will,hopefully, be all that you want it to be.It's a long and 'plodding' exercise,but certainly worthwhile You need to post some pictures for all to share.Sure Ri wil appreciate them.Take care,Angels


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
Hi Walter,

Here are a couple of threads that speak alot about this:

I have a 180 myself and am considering going to a Mazzei.

I was thinking of a 584 or 684 Mazzei to go with my 1800 gph pump. From what I understand, the Mazzei is excellent for apps where a lot of flow is available.

I was thinking of going pump to Mazzei to splitter to dual returns. My pump is a little too big for my overflows, as the water level in the tank goes right up to the top of them. If I decrease the ball valve, the overflows can handle it and it skims better:)

I was thinking that the Mazzei would reduce some of this pressure so the overflows worked better, and get better c02 distribution at the same time. I also want to add an OC filter or two to the mix.............

If you go built-in overflow (reef style) the waterfall inside will cause c02 loss. There are ways to combat this (durso standpipe, etc).

I know Tom likes to plumb canister filters to these pre-drilled setups......

You can create an airtight cover for your sump using plastic garbage bags and duct tape. I have used just duct tape on mine as the uncovered portion is small, but have since stopped as the amount of c02 used seems to be small, at least to me. I have to re-fill every 8 weeks anyway, so no big one to use a little more c02.

My media is in a separate tower and has a cover, so is probably easier to cover than a tank.......Perhaps you can DIY something similar????

You shouldn't have to be in the sump that much anyway :confused:

I always have several extra sponges in there to filter dirt and act as a bacterial media.......

Speaking of more, a 180 is a decent sized tank, so think about how to automate your water changes now:)

A drop in spare pump and flex hose to drain is an excellent investment until you can figure out an optimal auto setup.

You will need more c02, ferts, etc especially if you plant heavily........Light depth is also more important as your depth is 24"

Hope this helps.

Keep us posted.