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Cloudy Sky

Discussion in 'Journals' started by aibcarpentry, Jun 14, 2019 at 12:38 AM.

  1. aibcarpentry

    aibcarpentry Member

    Sep 23, 2017
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    6:42 AM
    Here's my latest attempt at a planted aquarium

    Aquascaper 900

    Twinstar 900S

    Fluval G6

    Fire extinguisher to an inline diffuser

    EI through a doser

    Manzanita fixed to a piece of slate
    Smaller slate pieces

    JBL Volcano mineral
    JBL Volcano powder
    ADA Amazonia
    Dennerle Baikal gravel

    Planting: *provisional list*
    -micranthemum monte carlo - left hand section section
    -hemianthus callitrichoides cuba hc - middle section
    -marsilea crenata - right hand behind wall
    -marsilea hirsuta -right hand behind wall
    -Ammania sp. Bonsai - Rotala indica (unsure if it is true Rotala bonsai available which is something I heard a while back) - clumps here and there; by fallen rubble, along the path etc

    I'd still probably add some Eleocharis when things have grown in along with a few clumps of something here and there.

    As a minimum I still need to:
    -create piles of rubble in front of the disturbed sections of wall
    -sort the backlighting length out, I have pipes/cables coming up the right hand so need to bare this in mind
    -decide if I am happy with the pathway shape

    Here's how things are looking now:

    20190613_211108 (2).jpg 20190613_211217 (2).jpg 20190613_211329 (2).jpg

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