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Choosing The Right Lighting (lumen/watt) Power For A 290gal Tank

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by aeneas, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. aeneas

    aeneas New Member

    Feb 15, 2021
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    3:03 PM
    Guys, as you may have seen in my other thread, I am building a new 95" (240cm) long / 290gal (1100L) High-tech tank. Upon much research I have decided to go with GHL ecosystem including their Profilux 4 aquarium computer, various probes, pump control etc. and, of course, the Mitras LX lights. I now received quotes and need to pull the trigger on the purchase regarding which of the two models will give me sufficient power.
    My intention: well planted jungle with discus fish... there are compromises - I know; discus prefer not too much light and they need higher temperatures. But, taking those compromises into account, I will either go with 4x Mitras LX7004 (the smaller model) or 4x Mitras LX7006 (the bigger model):

    1) 4x Mitras LX7004:
    - spec for each one: 48 LEDs, 87W at high efficiency mode, 131W at high output mode
    - they don't state lumens, but somewhere I found "up to 150lm/W for their whites"... since colored LEDs likely have less, I can assume 100-120lm/W average? This would lead to ~9000lm-10500lm per light in efficiency mode and ~13000-16000lm per light in high output mode. This seems really quite a lot - does it make sense? ADA Solar RGB is only stating 3000-3500lm for their lights...?
    - 4x units would thus give me 35k-40k lm in efficient mode or 52k-62k in high output mode.

    2) 4x Mitras LX7006:
    - spec for each one: 72 LEDs, 130W at high efficiency mode, 195W at high output mode
    - assuming same calculations as above, this gives me 13k-15k lm in efficiency mode and 20k-24k lm in high power mode
    - 4x units would give me 52k-62k in efficiency mode vs 78k-93k in high power mode.

    A tech support from GHL said: "If you're going to do mostly high-light demanding plants, 4x 7006 fixtures would be ideal since it will put out that extra bit of light necessary for those plants. This option would also give you the flexibility to mount the lights higher off the water if needed. You could do 4x 7004 if the tank will be a mixture of low - high light plants."

    So, assuming my 290 gal 95" long tank: I would personally prefer to go with 4xLX7004 model - cheaper and less obtrusive. But I want to make sure I am not making compromises... and if I push the lights in high output I worry I might have more fan noise and heat generation, shortening lifespan etc. Would you guys consider the light output of 4xLX7004 sufficient or should I go for the bigger and more expensive lights?
  2. jeffkrol

    jeffkrol New Member

    Jan 11, 2018
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    8:03 AM
    First thing is ignore lumens ..Chart of the target spectrum used to measure lumens.
    Can be used in a broad sense if one remembers the "weaknesses" of it..
    Lumen errors w/ RGB diodes.

    LUX is lumens/sq meter.. so keep that in mind..
    A Lux meter measuring 1000 under red/blue led array has an est PAR (call it plant vision) of 88.73
    Same 1000 lux of low CRI white leds has a par of 13.4
    That explains, in part this:

    Red/blue light will look "dull" to you, bright to plants.
    Somewhat the opposite for white led's.

    Now this has little to do w/ the choice between 2 like units that just differ in output wattage.

    What you need from them is an explanation of their par chart.

    1.7 max or 2.6 max in terms of watts per gallons.
    Here is another thought .. IF one additional 7004 is less than or equal to the difference between the cost of 4 7004 and 7006 just build in a "upgrade path" in your design.
    Then get 4 7004's w/ the thought of possibly adding another IF (and personally a big if) needed.

    For later:
    #2 jeffkrol, Mar 25, 2021
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2021

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