Chip in brand new tank


Junior Poster
Apr 7, 2005
About two weeks ago I received my custom ordered AGA tank. A 120 tank (4x2x2) with black silicone. Also received a stand.

I've filled it with water and put a filter on it, but no gravel or livestock or plants. Just thought I'd start running one of the filters on this new tank to get some bacteria going. Today as I wiped down the corner, I felt a little something and, upon closer inspection, noticed a small chip. It's on the front, right corner....on the right side of the front it's not visible from the front, but from the right side. Really small, perhaps 1/16-1/8 inch.

Not sure how I missed that chip. I think there must have been a loose piece because I did inspect it when it arrived and didn't see anything. If there was a loose piece, then wiping down the corner could have knocked that little piece out. What to do? Do you think Aqueon will replace the tank? It was a brand new, custom order. I'll call them pronto, but any insights before calling or experience with them would be helpful before going in.

Also should mention, I've been on the phone with them about the stand already....two of the hinges were loos, so one door not seating properly. Tried tightening it up, but couldn't get it completely tight, and they sent replacement hinges, but I think I've got the hinges going ok now.