Chinese Worm Stone


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Feb 5, 2017
  • Hello,
    I went on an unsuccessful hunt for local Dragon Stone. I did, however, find some 'Chinese Worm Rock' at the most remote LFS I visited. The employee there assured me it wouldn't affect my water parameters, but since I have developed a healthy cautious approach to LFS advice, I have had it soaking in RO water for over a week. I intend to test for any changes in KH, GH, PH, and TDS in a few weeks just be sure. Once I know these stones are safe, I will be able to hammer out my hardscape. He also told me they're not the same as Dragon Stone because a Dragon Stone are quartz based(?). These stones did pass the vinegar test, but I want to know for sure. Has anyone here used these types of stones? They don't really show it in this picture, but they look like they're lighter, lacier, and more interwoven with small cave-like structures than the pictures of Dragon Stone I've seen online. They look like webby layers of slate to me! Disclaimer: I intend on keeping Crystal Red Shrimp; for that reason I have to be extra picky about water parameters.




Julia Adkins
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Jun 22, 2015
Napa, California
Looks like something one would find on the California coast created by boring clams. They very slowly eat away at the rock which you can find on beaches filled with holes. Sometimes you find the shells that protect them still embedded in the rock.