Can't stop GSA - quite annoying


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Jun 5, 2005
Dallas, TX
Re: Can't stop GSA - quite annoying

well, I had upped my PO4 dosage quite a bit over the past couple weeks (to EI recommendations), and go figure... barely any GSA this week!

goes to show that no matter how confident you are in your testkits, they tend to fail anyway.

The side and back walls are still covered in it since I never did scrub it off. Guess I will spend my next weekend scrubbing away! Hard as hell to get off. Should I get a UV sterilizer (borrow from someone for the weekend) after scrubbing?

I also cut back on my NO3 and CSM+B dosage quite a bit (to what EI recommends... was doing 2x that amount before of both) and have not had any algae pop up, so I plan on sticking with that as well. Again, my testkits were showing NO3 dropping like crazy over a couple day period. Out with that testkit now as well.

I am still confident in that my co2 levels are as good as they need to be, but if I notice anything else pop up, I will re-assess the issue.