Can't Get My Hands On Giesmann Bulbs

john A schaal

New Member
Oct 7, 2018
Albuquerque, NMsc
I want to start another planted tank but for this one, I will be using my ATI 8 bulb fixture. the bulb combination I want to try is Zoo-Med Flora x 2, Wave Point Sun Wave x2, Wave Point Red Wave and Giesmann Aqua-Flora x2 or Giesmann Super-Flora x2. The problem is I can't get my hands on either of the Giesmann bulbs. I have tried a number of online vendors without any luck. One of the vendors stated to me that there seems to be a problem getting bulbs out of Germany. So it seems that I may have to find a bulb with a spectrum similar to the Giesmann bulbs. This is my first attempt using T-5 lighting for a planted tank (I have been running a reef tank for 30 some odd years) I have no idea what other bulbs are out there that I could substitute for the Giesmann. Can anyone on the forum suggest a bulb that would work with my light scheme in place of the Giesmann?