Canadian Sources For Diy Fert Ingredients


Oct 16, 2016
Mississauga, On. Canada
I'm in Ontario, Can., in the Toronto area and I'm running out of the makings for my DIY ferts

The store I last purchased the ingredients from isn't carrying them anymore. And when I looked online to find another source, it sure looks like KN03 isn't even available here these days, even in the small amounts I need.

I did see a 1lb bag of Plantex CSM+B on for about $60., no idea if that's a reasonable sort of price or not but if it's all I can find, guess I have no choice.

And, if I really can't find anymore KN03, what on earth can I use in its place? The recipe I've been using, which has been working very nicely for me, calls for 32.5 grams of KN03 per 500 ml of water, along with the other ingredients needed. If there is a substitute I can get, I'd need to know how much to use.

I used to be able to buy most of this stuff at hydroponics shops locally, but none of those still in busiiness appear to be selling it anymore either. It's mostly liquid stuff for growing cannabis now, it seems, with the hydroponic stores.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, my plants have been growing so nicely and it was saving me quite a bit over the cost of buying commercially prepared ferts, using the bulk compounds to mix my own.

Julia Adkins
Lifetime Member
Jun 22, 2015
Napa, California carries the full range of macro and micronutrients at reasonable prices. We ship to all over the world. We have the necessary documents filed with the Canadian Department of Natural Resources to ship potassium nitrate into Canada.