Can I Restart My Dsm Tank Even After Flooding?


New Member
Feb 3, 2021
Hi everybody Im new to the Planted tank world, i tried my hand at it a few years ago and it ended in disaster.
So i started a dry start tank with some driftwood, rocks, fluval stratum in a 5 gallon tank i have java moss, American Shoreweed ( littorella uniflora) some "idk the common name" (lindernia rotundifolia) I had everything scaped and beautiful looking, until i found mold. The mold came about cuz i was over doing the spray and not allowing the tank to breath long enough, so i flooded the tank. the mold drowned but now with my tank 100 percent full my driftwood sprang up ripped everything out and i had to use my scaping rocks to weigh it down. is there a way of just draining the damn thing keeping the soil and rescaping it and taking out the driftwood. or am i causing my plants too much stress by doing that, and have to deal with mold again even if im extra cautious? i thought about buying springtails