Bubble Counter - How Much Liquid


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Mar 13, 2007
I have an Aquamedic bubble counterBubble Counter by Aqua Medic - AquaCave and the instructions say to fill 1/3rd with liquid.

* my problem is that 1/3rd us just at the point where the tube of the inlet is hanging inside and I don't know if I am supposed to submerse the tube in liquid or fill it to just below the tube.

Here is a pick to see

So should I fill it just above this inlet tube OR fill the container to just below this tube.?


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Jan 24, 2005
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The end of the inlet tube is where the bubbles of CO2 enter the liquid, so it has to be under the liquid surface. And, it should be far enough below the liquid surface that you can easily see the bubbles rising thru the liquid. Bubble counters are an extremely simple device - all they do is allow the CO2 to bubble up thru a liquid so you can see the bubbles. Nothing more complicated than that.

The CO2 outlet in the bubble counter needs to always be above the liquid level to keep liquid from being sucked up the outlet after the CO2 is shut off. The remaining CO2 in the outlet tubing above the bubble counter will continue to dissolve into the aquarium water, allowing aquarium water to go down that tubing, so a check valve is needed between the bubble counter outlet and the aquarium, to allow flow only towards the aquarium.