Brightwell fresh water products


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Mar 4, 2008
Hey has anyone used the Brightwell products?

I have talked to several folks who used to use ADA products and they have all switched over. I have as well. (the products are MUCH cheaper) and from what I hear they are actually BETTER products.

I had some questions if anyone knew much about them. One of my questions is that when I was using ADA Step 2 (the multi-nurt. source) I would put in about 8 "pumps" a day. Which is basically 8 ml daily. With the Brightwell products they say to put in only about 8-10 DROPS - which is basically 1-2 ml. Which is MUCH less then I was using before.

Why is this? Are the Brightwell products more concentrated? Any thoughts on this would be VERY helpfull.

I have switched over to their entire line. (except the carbon source since I have a pressured co2 system)


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Jul 27, 2007
New Hope, Pennsylvania
Brightwell has had a saltwater line for quite awhile now. Brightwell as far as I know is Kent.

Haven't used the products though. Nutrients are nutrients, and dry is still cheaper.