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Breaking down 125g

Discussion in 'Trades, swaps, sales' started by peleg38, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. peleg38

    peleg38 Junior Poster

    Jan 6, 2012
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    4:12 PM
    Large 3' Manzanita log with java fern (standard and lace leaf) and Anubias nana attached. This would make an awesome centerpiece in a large aquarium. $50
    10" diameter Manzanita stump with java fern and Anubias nana attached $25
    small bogwood chunk with java fern attached $5
    small bogwood chunk with Anubias Barteri attached $5

    2 X flame swords $5 each
    red Rubin sword $4
    gold melon sword $1
    Ozelot sword $1
    amazon sword $2
    2 X dwarf amazon swords $1 each
    Little bit of java moss

    Koi veil tail $35
    Koi large standard fin lots of orange $50
    Blue platinum and Blue Marble (Unproven pair) $70
    gold crowned marble X Gold Platinum (Unproven pair)$40
    Vertical striped veil $10
    Some sort of half blacklike mut with glitter $10
    White $15
    Green Glitter $30

    4 Male Parkinsoni Rainbows $20 each
    2 male and 2 Female Turquoise Rainbows (one male is blind but does just fine) $5 each
    1 panda cory $5
    6 Sterbai Corys $5 each
    2 Bristlenosed plecos (1 standard and 1 orange) $5
    Siamese Algae eater $5
    Several Amano shrimp $1 if you can catch them without destroying the tank
    Lots of assassin snails $1
  2. puopg

    puopg Guru Class Expert

    Nov 19, 2012
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    4:12 PM
    Sorry nevermind.
    #2 puopg, Dec 27, 2012
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