Bottom layer for Akadama, what is the best?


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May 24, 2008
I'm intending to make a change of the substrate system I'm using recently - plain sand wit EC.
So I I have been reading a lot last few days and I still can't figure out, what is the best base mix for Akadama:
If we are looking at the AS and PS combination it is well known that AS is similar to Akadama, with one major advantage of the AS - it is nutrient rich.
About the PS - some claim it is needed addition to AS, other seems to does not see any advantages of using it with nutrient rich top layer as AS.
The assumption for the contents of PS is: lava(porous material), peat and some slow released NPK+micros )

So logically I was thinking what would be the best bottom layer for the Akadama? Maybe some analogues to PS?
As James C has told UK Aquatic Plant Society Forum • Login it is necessary to add some peat and osmocote or its alternative. So my question is, do we need to add some lava or pumice as well, to give the bacteria cosy home? Or it is useless, because it is going to clog after some time?
I have been reading carefully the recommendations of Dupla for setting a tank and the interesting thing is the close visual relation of their substrate with Akadama. As it is nutrient pour they add laterite to the bottom layer + some ferts with Macro and micro elements. :?: