For Sale: Bolbitis, A. Reineckii & More!


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Sep 19, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
Hi All,

I've done a massive trim of many of my tanks and have quite a bit of plants to sell. The attached pictures are the actual plants for sale!

- NEW Rotala sp green x1 pot $6 (2 left)
- NEW Rotala wallichii x1 pot $5 (3 available)
- NEW Staurogyne repens x1 pot $6 (3 available)
- NEW Blyxa japonica x1 pot $6 (1 available)
- NEW Rotala macranda green x1 pot $5 (1 available)

- Alternanthera reineckii x1 pot $4 (2 left)
- Hygrophila augistifolia x1 pot $5 (2 available)
- Eleocharis acicularis (dwarf hair grass) x1 pot $4 (1 available)
- Rotala rotundifolia x1 pot $5 (2 left)

Shipping is $8 USPS small flat rate (can fit 5 pots), $14 USPS medium flat rate (can fit 10+ pots). Free shipping on orders $24 or more.

All plants have been grown submersed with CO2 injection and fertilization. The R. butterfly and rotundifolia were grown in high light conditions.

PM me if you're interested and I will send you my PayPal information after I confirm I have the number of plants you want. Plants will get shipped out ASAP (Mon through Wed) depending on when I receive payment.


20181025_Bolbitis Set 1.jpg

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20181026_Rotala set.jpg

20181025_Staurogyne repens 2.jpg

20181025_Staurogyne repens.jpg

20181026_Rotala green.jpg

20181024_Rotala wallichii.jpg

20181024_Rotala macranda green.jpg

20181026_Blyxa japonica.jpg

20181023_A reineckii.jpg

20181023_H augistifolia.jpg

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20181023_Eleocharis acicularis.jpg

20181023_Rotala butterfly.jpg

20181023_Rotala rotundifolia.jpg

20181023_Xmas moss 1.jpg

20181023_Xmas moss 2.jpg
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