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Aug 10, 2007
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Couple of Circulation Related Questions

VaughnH;25331 said:
Do you have good water circulation in the tank? Do all of the leaves at least gently sway in the flowing water? Without that the CO2 and nutrient rich water never reaches all of the plants. You could use a powerhead hidden in back somewhere to supplement the circulation.

Hi Vaughn!

I too have BBA problems. I have several questions in regards to my water circulation. Perhaps you would give me your input.

First not all my plants "sway", from the water circulation , especially in the foreground areas.
So besides looking at the flow, is there any merit to computing flow? Like my two filters with media =370gph-UV inline----my fish tank holds 60 gallons net X 10 (Suggested Rate of Flow Target)...............Therefore, I am lacking approximately 230gph +/- of flow?

Then factor in that I am switching to Rhinox 5000 diffusers (2), I am wondering if my dual spray bar kits will circulate the CO2, and water enough.

If the answer is to increase my water circulation, I was thinking about purchasing two Korila powerheads, and placing them near the rear corners of my tank pointing diagonally to the front corners of my 4 foot tank. Hopefully this would spread the CO2 towards the front as well as improve the circulation. If this sounds like it would work, I was wondering which model of Korila I would need to be strong enough to surge the water that far but not too strong that the surge would bend the plants? Do you have experience with these powerheads?
Nano= 240 gph
Korila1=400 gph
Korila2=600 gph

as always,
thanks, for your time and input!


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Jan 24, 2005
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I use the Koralia 1 in my 45 gallon tank, with it in the back rear corner, pointed somewhat upwards and towards the front opposite corner. The flow seems to be pretty strong every where except at the front corner just in front of the Koralia. I have also used it near the bottom, pointing so the flow grazes the back glass, trying to get circular flow around the tank. That does about the same, again with the front corner in front of the powerhead not getting much flow. I haven't had any problem with it knocking plants over. Even though it pumps a lot of gallons of water, the flow velocity isn't that extreme, because it isn't concentrated into a small jet.

You might want to consider the Koralia 2 version for your larger tank.