BGA (blue/green algae)


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Jan 24, 2005
Delightful topic, I know. Something I've wondered about as a treatment for plants afflicted with bga, instead of bleach/peroxide. Has anyone tried using a concentrated solution of maracyn, say one tablet/2 qts, after the plant has been removed from the tank, to treat bga instead of bleach? Bleach can be tough on plants, even for a short term immersing and quick neutralization. It would seem the maracyn (sp?) might not be as severe to the plant. Any thoughts on it, has anyone tried this for removed plants, not the whole tank?
Thx in advance. :gw :D :D

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Jun 12, 2005
Re: BGA (blue/green algae)

I used a dip of Potassium Permangenate on my Hornwort and Ornaments. It did help reduce the stuff, but it did come back. The BGA really seemed to do a number on the HW, it stopped growing completely. I finally tossed the HW to get rid of the BGA, as it wasn't bothering any other plants. I think the HW was creating a stagnant spot allowing the BGA to thrive. It's pretty much gone now.


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Feb 17, 2005
Re: BGA (blue/green algae)

Manualy remove what you can. Waterchange. Cover the tank and do a 3-4 day blackout. Worked for me. Or you could use E-mayacin.