BGA again :-(


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Nov 30, 2005
Re: BGA again :-(

hi Tom,

I will continue to ask (and learn)

I will try to get a camera in the weekend and take some pictures. Maybe it will help you.

In general, the plant growth has improved. only 3 plants are not doing well: tonina fluviatilis, rotala wallichii and didiplis diandra.

This morning another thought popped up in my mind. The tonina was previously doing great when it was planted totally to right side of the tank. because the 30 watt TLs do not reach the side, I placed an extra 11 watt PL lamp to compensate for the poor light intensity on the side. Now I was thinking that the light amount was/is on the side higher than in the middle due to this extra PL.
Only after the relocation to the middle of the tank, the melting problems started. So I was thinking that is is just a light issue. Especcially because of my lightning regime: 2 TLs for 5 hours, 5 TLs for 3 hours and than again 2 TLs for 2 hours. The 11 watt PL is burning 10 hours straight. So taken together, I think that a lack of light could be the problem.

What do you think?

Fot the wallichii could the lightning also be a problem. But I will discuss that in the weekend. I really have to start working and the situation is quite hard to explain without a picture.