Best placement for filter intake and circ pump


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Aug 15, 2017
hamilton, ontario
Hi I have a 75 planted tank that I am looking to add a circulation pump to help plants grow and overall tank circulation. I have a fluval 406 and adding a hydor 425 gph circulation pump. what would be the best placement for filter intake and output as well as where to put circulation pump to get the best flow around the entire tank



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Jul 23, 2016
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I use a spray bar that spans the entire width of my 75 gal tank. It's positioned near the surface on the left side along with my intake. In the upper right corner, aiming towards the middle of front glass I have a 750 gph circulation pump. The picture below shows what I mean. The circulation pump is over kill and I have to aim it just so, or else the tank looks like a tornado hit it. One of these days I'll try a smaller circulation pump aimed it more towards the substrate. The way I currently have it set-up really circulates the water well. Its gets the dead plant material up and moving so I can easily net it. In fact, the circulation pump acts as a skimmer. I unplug it once a day and collect all the debris that falls off it.