bba issue


Guru Class Expert
Jan 23, 2005
anyone wanting to purchase some bba. it's CHEAP! anyway,after setting up tank 6 months ago i've had nothing but problems with bba. twice i've removed everthing but substrate,(onyx sand with lenordite below) to try to erraticate this awsome bba problem.just recently i've taken a drastic step. added nh4 at 2ml per gal while filter on.waited 30 min. and did a 50% ill effects to livestock.after a few days algae turned white for the most part and is gradually dissapearing.i understand this procedure should not be used on regular basis,but give it a try.i admit this is still in early stages,but in order for ,imo po4 will not erradicate but help keep from getting it in the first place.regards,cornhusker :) :)